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Pseudo Pseudoperspicacity: What the heck is that?

Don't let her hypnotize you into ordering Omaha Steaks!

First off, I did not come up with the name for this blog. Hence, the first pseudo.

The second pseudo-perspicacity is derived from a long-gone newspaper column written by my classmate Daryl at Johns Hopkins University. (Daryl, if you’re reading this, contact me, because I need to get your last name so I can give you full blame for this inspiration.)

It took years for me to appreciate Daryl’s tongue-in-cheek reference. Bloggers, like columnists, toss out observations and expect the world to greet it with lots of chin-stroking and head nodding. “Hmmm, I never though about it that way,” is the ideal response.

Enlightenment would be too lofty a goal for me. Instead, I will go for an even more ridiculous aspiration — amuse. On days when I can’t, I’ll fall back to stories about my dog. She’s always good for a laugh.

— Alex Jensen